Monday, October 3, 2011

The Definition of Mixing Oil and Water

What does convicted felon T.I. do after being released from prison after 10 months?

Duh, he joins country pop princess Taylor Swift on stage in Atlanta to sing "Live Your Life"!

In other news--enjoy Lil Wayne's remix of Joe Jonas' "Just in Love." The chorus of the generic fluffy pop song is as follows: Girl, I'm just in love with you/No other words words to use/I'm just in love with you.

As always, Weezy adds his own classy finishing touch: We go together like money and power/I don't need nuttin', nuttin', but her/All them other bitches ain't f--kin' with her. How appropriate!

Joe Jonas must feel like he has some street cred by association now with that "Parental Advisory" sticker on his album cover. 

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