Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Featured Artist: Side by Side

Side by Side is a pop-rock band from Charlotte, NC comprised of Joelle Kittrell (vocals) and twin brothers Michael (guitar) and Joseph Pepe (bass). The twins met Joelle through a mutual connection and in 2010 began recording a self-titled EP that would be released in February 2011. 

This EP takes you on a journey through heartbreak; It begins with the up-beat song, "My Heart," a track that is the most worth listening to. It later ends with the soft ballad "To The Sky," which consists of a beautiful acoustic arrangement, including a violin and piano. The music is fairly simple and the lyrics are decent, but the most positive element by far is Kittrell's voice, which reminds me much of a young Natalie Merchant. Side by Side's five-song EP is short, but very much sweet. 

Billboard voted Side by Side one of the top six unsigned bands in the nation in its 2011 Battle of the Bands. Michael Pepe revealed to the magazine that the band takes time to discuss events happening in their life weekly in hope to inspire new songs. "Go for it all, or don't go at all" is a motto that Pepe says the band sticks to.

Learn more about Side by Side: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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