Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hanson Play to Save The Music, Celebrate Drummer's Birthday

Photo Credit: Jessica Levy
Teen pop group turned indie rock band, Hanson, were one of the performers at VH1's Save the Music Foundation's Family Day in NYC yesterday. The band not only celebrated their love for music, but also drummer Zac's 26th birthday. Other performers at the free event included: Mat Kearney, Hot Peas 'N Butter, SafetySuit and The American Secrets. 

Hanson, who are used to playing for a crowd of women in their late 20's, seemed to enjoy their new fans ranging from the ages of around 1-5 years old. Isaac, 30, told the crowd that this is the "cutest thing" he's ever seen in response to the young children dancing to Hanson's music. Taylor, 28, who has four kids of his own, encouraged all "little people" to come to the front of the crowd in order to view the concert better. He also joked that short women should come to the front as well.

"When our first record came out, Zac was 11, I was 16 and Taylor was 14," Isaac said before breaking into the first chords of "MMMBop."

Fans got an extra special treat as a birthday cake was brought on stage in celebration of youngest brother Zac's 26th birthday. "Remember, kids, don't play with matches. Let your parents light the candles in your house," a VH1 rep joked.

Zac did not share his cake with fans.

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