Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Featured Artist: Emily's Army

Emily's Army (L to R:  Max Becker, Joey Armstrong, Travis Neumann, Cole Becker)
Fortunately for Green Day fans and beyond, singer Billie Joe Armstrong reproduced and passed along his wonderful musical genes.

Drummer Joey Armstrong, 16, followed in the footsteps of his old man by starting teen pop-punk band Emily's Army with brothers Cole (vocals/guitar) and Max Becker (bass), and Travis Neumann (guitar). Their debut album, Don't Be A Dick, was produced by Billie Joe and recorded in only four days at Jingletown Recordings in Oakland, CA.

New York City got a small taste of Emily's Army last year at the Bowery Electric when they opened for Green Day's side project, The Foxboro Hot Tubs. Since then, they've mainly performed locally on the west coast, but recently returned back east on their very first tour

Photo credit: Jessica Le
On August 9th, Emily's Army played a show at The Stolen Sleeves Collective, which is actually a fan's basement located in Brooklyn. As happy as I was not getting mugged during my seven-block walk from the subway, I was even happier to check out a full Emily's Army set once and for all. Before the show, the band sat at their merch booth, more than willing to meet the fans that came out to see them. It turns out the Becker brothers are quite the flirts, as they immediately informed me that the purchase of their CD comes with a "free kiss" and later wrote "You're beautiful" on my CD. As adorable as they are, my adult self traded in the free kiss for a free hug instead.

During their half hour set, I was extremely impressed by how they already have grown as a band. Since Emily's Army is comprised of teenagers, they most definitely have the time to get progressively better. The band also writes their own music, an admirable trait at such a young age.

In the past year they were featured in huge music publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, and on Many have wondered if this is only because of their relation to Green Day or they really can hold their own. Well, maybe it is a little of both...but does it really matter?

The lyrics from their first single "Broadcast This" clearly state:  "I don't wanna listen to what's on the radio. Boring music...Depressing talk shows. It would be nice to hear something that I musically enjoy..."

After listening to this album, it did bring me back to '94--The era of Green Day's Dookie. And that's always something I "musically enjoy."

Take a look at their video for "Broadcast This":

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