Thursday, September 8, 2011

Madonna is Not Legally 'Material Girl'

Madonna is known to many as "Material Girl," based on her 1985 single, but apparently she doesn't own the name.

A federal judge recently rejected her claim that she is entitled to an already registered trademark for the name. Madge named her clothing company Material Girl Brand and was sued last year by another clothing company that really does own the registered trademark.

Judge S. James Otero laughed at the pop star's claims that she brought "Material Girl" to fame and stated, "Defendants' argument that Madonna created the 'Material Girl' mark through her performances fails as a matter of law. This Court and other courts have recognized that the singing of a song does not create a trademark."

That's not all of Madonna's legal issues. Another lawsuit against her over noise levels was recently given the go-ahead by a judge. Madonna was using a New York apartment as a dance studio. Perhaps these judges are Cyndi Lauper fans?

Madonna may be known as "Material Girl" to the public, but does she really have the right to trademark the name? The song was actually written by Peter Brown and Robert Rans, so this lawsuit could be comparable to if Sarah Michelle Gellar claimed she's entitled to own the registered trademark for the name the name "Buffy."

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