Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Everyone's 'Nightmare': Alice Cooper and Ke$ha Duet

Alice Cooper has plans to release Welcome 2 My Nightmare, a sequel to 1975 concept album, Welcome to My Nightmare. Original members Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith will appear on three of the tracks. Oh, and one more thing --Ke$ha will appear in the song "What Baby Wants."

Alice Cooper featuring Ke$ha - "What Baby Wants"

"I met (Ke$ha) at the Grammys," Alice Cooper tells Billboard, "and I immediately looked at her and went, 'This girl is not a pop diva. She's a rock singer.' She would much rather be the female Robert Plant than the next Britney Spears. (Ezrin) said, 'Nobody's gonna expect Ke$ha on your album.' 'Great! Let's do it!'"

...Sorry, I just fainted. Did he seriously say Ke$ha and Robert Plant in one sentence? The fact that he is acknowledging her as a rock singer, or better yet--a singer--is horrifying. I wonder if the majority of Ke$ha fans even know who both Robert Plant and Alice Cooper are.

I must say, the album title Welcome 2 My Nightmare is perfectly fitting. What's next... a Gene Simmons and Miley Cyrus duet?

A typical awful Ke$ha performance on Ellen.


  1. what a joke... rock is dead.

  2. Ignorance, lack of integrity and pretentiousness all wrapped into one handy package- as usual when bitter people care to express their opinion on Ke$ha on their blogs. In short, this little article blows.

    Oh, and the other anonymous commenter above me didn't help either. Rock is dead? Please. If you think so, then you can't even grasp what rock actually means and stands for.

  3. PS.:
    Don't care about my first comment. One would think "Banter On The Beat" is pretty self-explanatory. So even if you were honest about what you wrote here, I still shouldn't get so riled up about it.

    My apology.

  4. In response to the Anonymous posting from 6:38 PM--
    How can you possibly defend Kesha as a singer? Are you deaf?

  5. What a sell out... just when you thought music couldn't get any worse

  6. Great post. Alice Cooper lost my respect when he did "american idol"