Friday, August 5, 2011

August Featured Artist: Jesse Malin & the St. Marks Social

I admit I was initially turned onto singer/songwriter Jesse Malin because of his connection to my favorite band Green Day. His third solo album was released on singer Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife Adrienne Armstrong's label, Adeline Records. Billie Joe and fellow Green Day members, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt, have also collaborated with Jesse, forming a band called Depression Times. They only released one song called "Rodeo Queens," but I think many people are still hoping for other songs to surface.

D Generation, 1994
Jesse's music career started at the age of thirteen when he played in the hardcore band, Heart Attack. In the 90's, he performed in D Generation until deciding to reinvent himself. After several other projects, Jesse collaborated with friend Ryan Adams and completed his first solo album in just six days. In 2009, St. Mark's Social was formed and shortly after released Love It to Life on SideOneDummy Records.

Photo Credit: Jessica Levy
Tommy Stinson and Billie Joe Armstrong join Jesse Malin onstage at NYC's
City Winery on February 19, 2011.
I saw Jesse for the first time at the City Winery in NYC back in February. I wasn't too familiar with Jesse's music at the time, but yet he still managed to engage me into the show. His high energy and constant story-telling  proved him to be an entertaining front man, rising above many. After performing The Fine Art of Self Destruction in its entirety, Billie Joe Armstrong and opener Tommy Stinson joined Jesse and the band onstage to perform a very exciting four-song encore.

Photo Credit: Jessica Levy
Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social at Bowery Electric
July 30, 2011
On Saturday, Jesse performed at his very own venue, Bowery Electric--an intimate, hip place in the East Village. After an introduction by WRXP deejay Rich Russo, Jesse started off the show with the ever-so-catchy "Burning the Bowery." The fan interaction was even more intense than at the City Winery show, as Jesse told more hilarious personal stories about his life and career. In the middle of the show he sat among the crowd, insisting everyone sits down with him while he continues story time. The set list also included fan favorites, "Prisoners of Paradise," "Disco Ghetto," "Hotel Columbia" and "Riding on the Subway."

It's quite difficult to make a name for yourself as a local artist, especially in New York City. This doesn't apply to Jesse Malin, who continues to sell out local venues and widen his fan base. He is truly an East Village musical hero.

Catch Jesse Malin & the St. Marks Social in concert with Juliana Hatfield at the City Winery in NYC on August 26, 2011. 

Jesse Malin - "Burning the Bowery"

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  1. Love this. Love Jesse Malin. What a great show. Nice write up Miss Levy <3