Friday, August 19, 2011

Oasis Brothers Should be Grounded

It has finally come to this--Liam Gallagher is taking his brother Noel to court due to his public statements regarding the reasoning behind a canceled Oasis show in 2009 and the band's split.

Liam's statement to The Sun:

"I have taken legal action against Noel Gallagher for statements he made claiming Oasis pulled out of the 2009 V Festival Chelmsford gig because I had a hangover. That is a lie and I want Oasis fans and others who were at V to know the truth. I was gutted when I couldn't play the gig because I didn't want to let the fans down.

"But the truth is I had laryngitis, which Noel was made fully aware of that morning, diagnosed by a doctor. Noel also falsely stated the demise of Oasis followed a massive row in which he claimed I demanded to advertise my clothing range Pretty Green in the Oasis tour programme [sic]. The truth is there was no such discussion or row between us.

"I am used to being called all sorts of things by Noel and I have in the past said things about him. But what Noel has alleged this time went way beyond rock'n'roll banter and questioned my professionalism. I tried to resolve this amicably but have been left with no choice but legal action. All I want is an apology."

An apology? I think all he wants is a check, to be quite honest. For some reason I don't think this will lead to an apology.

I appreciate Liam clearing up all those insignificant details from two years ago. The majority of the world cares just as much about this as Liam's band Beady Eye, a.k.a. a crappy version of Oasis minus Noel. I'd say taking legal action against his own brother regarding this matter was completely necessary!

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