Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Tribute to Lip Syncing

It has been confirmed that the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards will be paying a tribute the ever-so-talented Britney Spears. How well-deserved --You earned it, Brit.

The guys in Milli Vanilli should seriously write a book called If We Only Waited Ten More Years. For some unknown reason I will never understand, it is now pathetically accepted for artists to lip sync live. People seriously spend hundreds of their hard earned cash to watch a pretend live performance. Computers have the capability of correcting even the severest pitchiness on albums, which means anyone can be a singer...anyone. So, let's celebrate by paying tribute to one of the best known lip syncers...Britney Spears!

Have no fear -- MTV producers said they are trying to fit in a tribute to Amy Winehouse as well. You know, just an afterthought. I mean, who gives a shit about Amy Winehouse? It's only the year of her death in addition to the fact that she wrote all of her own music and had an exceptionally beautiful singing voice, thus making her fully credible as a talented singer/musician... but, but... Britney dances in shiny outfits!

Amy Doyle, executive vice president of Music and Talent for MTV, told Billboard.com, "We said 'let's challenge ourselves to do something unique'."  Isn't it unique enough that MTV continues to hold an awards show honoring music videos they don't even air nor support?  (Also read: I Want My MTV [From 30 Years Ago]!)

The VMAs will air live from LA's Nokia Theater on August 28. Since MTV will be paying a tribute to Britney's high points, let's reflect on this terrible performance (of many), coincidentally from another VMAs in 2007.

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